Everybody out of the god damn way! You got a scalp full of ink, a fist full of talent, and a head full of lunacy.


I already asked this on my main blog, but would anyone be willing to pay $15 for sketch commissions if I opened them up? I need to make some money really fast, and I’m having a hell of a time earning it through other means right now.

I’d say they’d be about this quality:

[Depending on the style, they’d feature shading.]

And I’d draw you literally anything you asked for.

[If you ask for NSFW art, you must be at least 18 years of age.]

I am not opening them this instant. It would be about a week from now. I’m just trying to gauge interest at the moment, so spread the word by mouth!


peachycreek said: I love your version of female Eddy (Emmy?). <3

Her name is Emmy, yes.

Em, Emm(a?), and Emmy.

Only sfw thing I’ve doodled in days.

Doodled this for someone. Felt like sharing.

I dunno.

What's with the "[Name] [Number]" thing? I don't quite understand what it is...

It’s a meme. You pick a character and a color palette, and people draw the character using that palette.

The number represents the palette chosen! I reblogged it on my main blog, as opposed to this one! :)

Eddy 5


Edd 2


Ed 18


OHH Lee Kanker 9?!


kevin in seven!!


Doing off-model teenagers again hope no one has complaints.