Everybody out of the god damn way! You got a scalp full of ink, a fist full of talent, and a head full of lunacy.

FEED ME is finally coming back (I hope)!


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Hi guys. Let’s try something different.

Here’s the lowdown: I need money. Fast. Don’t we all?

I’ve done commissions in the past, and it often takes me too long to finish them, due to personal reasons, perfectionism, etc.

So I’m gonna try something more fun this summer. A nice little SALE of sorts.

Here’s the skinny:

- These will be black and white SKETCHES. Shading is INCLUDED.

- They will be drawn as quickly as possible, which for me is in about 1-2 hours. Longer if the request is elaborate.

- Each and every sketch will be $15.

- The upside is it’s $15 regardless of what is asked for. No charge for backgrounds or extra characters in one picture, but I’ve got a put a cap on 4 or I might go crazy.

- I will draw literally anything. To express this case, please turn to our SAMPLE subjects, Rise and Fall:

[Yes, even NSFW. Furry, toon, monster, you name it!]

- I WILL BE POSTING THESE COMMISSIONS TO MY ART BLOG(S). You can opt out, and I’ll remove the names regardless.



- Send $15 to my paypal: olivesquiggledon@gmail.com with the specifications of your commission and the address I can email the finished product to. I ACCEPT PAYPAL ONLY.

- If you have any questions, you can email me [olivesquiggledon@gmail.com] or hit up my askbox.


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Thanks for reading!


I already asked this on my main blog, but would anyone be willing to pay $15 for sketch commissions if I opened them up? I need to make some money really fast, and I’m having a hell of a time earning it through other means right now.

I’d say they’d be about this quality:

[Depending on the style, they’d feature shading.]

And I’d draw you literally anything you asked for.

[If you ask for NSFW art, you must be at least 18 years of age.]

I am not opening them this instant. It would be about a week from now. I’m just trying to gauge interest at the moment, so spread the word by mouth!


peachycreek said: I love your version of female Eddy (Emmy?). <3

Her name is Emmy, yes.

Em, Emm(a?), and Emmy.

Only sfw thing I’ve doodled in days.

Doodled this for someone. Felt like sharing.

I dunno.

What's with the "[Name] [Number]" thing? I don't quite understand what it is...

It’s a meme. You pick a character and a color palette, and people draw the character using that palette.

The number represents the palette chosen! I reblogged it on my main blog, as opposed to this one! :)

Edd 2


Eddy 5


Ed 18