1. Show your moon pride, everyone!

  2. Nine year old me is probably rejoicing.

    Have some inner senshi in casual attire.


  3. what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?

  4. I’m ready for you PokeContests.

    So is Tiffany.

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  5. Lastly [for now] Iris and Noel.

    Don’t let Iris’ looks fool you; she’s not human. She’s trying to pass as one, and she’s majoring in law enforcement.

    Noel meanwhile is Chip’s much older sister and a professional psychiatrist.

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  6. 'Mii' is the third, acquired roommate. Though female she's treated like one of the guys, at least by Chip anyway.

    She doesn’t have ID, and English is very obviously a second language to her, therefore it’s hard to find her a job or get her registered for school. She may in fact be an illegal immigrant.

    The guys are pretty sure she’s amphibious, since she drinks copious amounts of water. That doesn’t really explain her hair though. It’s hard to tell from this sketch, but her hands and feet are in fact webbed.

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  7. Chip’s roommate, Al.

    He’s a skeevy lech who likes to wear as little clothes as necessary at all times. He uses his abundance of fur to his full advantage in this regard. He is legally blind without his glasses.

    He opted out of college and bags groceries at the local food mart.

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  8. A furry character I created a few months ago. Decided to add some color to him.

    A college student living with his friend. Has an undeclared major.

    His pants have to be custom made to fit his enormous yaoi hands in his pockets.

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  9. As a bonus, here’s the blog’s new header.

    Featuring ‘Ms.Not yet appearing in this comic’.

  10. I finally finished FEED ME’s cast page! I’ve been setting up the blog for the past few days. I’ll announce an actual update once it happens.